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agenttoast asked: Do you ever find peanut butter between your toes? I don't.

I once dated a nun with a foot fetish.

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Anonymous asked: So, wanna make a pact that if we're both single at 40 we get together? ;)

I suppose I need to know who you are first.

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Whoever had Black Betty in their FB status yesterday, I thank you.  It’s now stuck in my head.

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Keep My Picture!

Horrorpops - Keep My Picture!

Heard this while getting inked over the weekend and cinched the deal.  I was already digging the Horrorpops, but that tune?  I couldn’t wait to hear it again.  Two more albums later, it was just as bombtastic as the first time.

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Anonymous asked: zombies or health care reform?

In all honesty, the former would probably be easier to fix.  With Koron as President, I would see to it that he implements my three step, three year program.

1. Each and every person over the age of 7 is taught how to properly use and maintain firearms and sharp objects.

2.  Each and every person over the age of 12 is drafted for a 4 year conscription.

3.  Each and every person over the age of 20 is drafted for a second 4 your conscription.